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BREAKING NEWS: Millions of South Africans Drowning in Debt Are Turning to Debt Consolidation 

  • Do you often find that you are behind on your monthly payments?
  • Do you have to take out additional loans to pay off debt?
  • Are you hounded by debt collector phone calls?
  • Unable to sleep from money worries?
  • Are you seeing your work performance slipping?

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If you answered yes to any of these, it’s very possible that you're one of the estimated 15 million South Africans drowning in debt, and can’t afford your repayments. Missing more than 3 repayments could lead to a bad credit score, which could weaken any future chances of buying a house or a car. You are not alone. There is a way to get the expertise you need and the service you deserve to get yourself DEBT FREE! Debt consolidation is a way to combine your multiple payments into one, decreasing the pressure and stress and reducing interest rates on each payment.



There is a way out! Debt consolidation is a designed method to help put you back in control of your finances. With debt consolidation, you can reduce the time it takes to pay off your debt, reduce the interest rate, and protect your assets from being repossessed.

Let one of South Africa's leading registered debt counselling firms, lead you on the path to becoming debt free.  IntelligentMoney works with partners that are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and will help pull you out of living in the stress of debt.

Our expert consultants will get in touch with you to ensure you’re provided with a service that is unique and tailored to you.

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Are you ready to take the next step? It’s this simple:

  1. Our financial consultants will get in touch with and conduct a formal review of your finances. This includes drafting a suitable monthly budget.
  2. We’ll negotiate with credit providers on your behalf.  The discussion will revolve around your new payment plan.
  3. Your belongings will be safe, under the protection of debt Relief! Furthermore no credit providers will be able to harass you or go after your assets.  We become the point of contact for all your credit providers – and gives you instant relief to harassment by creditors! 
  4. Our team will educate you about your financial rights and how to work better with your finances.

Your debt counsellor will negotiate directly with your credit providers for reduced debt repayments and lower interest rates. Join millions of South Africans who have decided to take back their financial future and become debt-free.

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Contact us for an obligation-free pre-assessment.

Should you choose not to move forward after an advisory call - the advice is 100% free with no upfront charges.   Take action now and start living a debt free life, today!

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